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*** Sermon Theme for 2016 ***

The year-long sermon theme for 2016 is "Standing in the Truth." As the culture of our nation changes, it is important for Christians to be firmly rooted in the Word of God, which is Truth. This year, each of us will be challenged to examine different aspects of apologetics and different ways to share our faith with others.

*** Prayer ***

Everyone is invited to join us each Monday during the school year for a time of prayer held in the basement of the Community Center.

The focus of our prayers will be for NLCS and all it takes to make the school a success.

Above all, may our prayers usher in a season of revival within our school.

*** Care Net Baby Bottles ***

The 2016 Care Net Baby Bottle Campaign has begun! You can pick up a baby bottle from the back of the sanctuary, take it home, fill it with loose change (or large and small bills), and bring it back in by March 7. This is a major fund-raiser for Care Net, and a simple way for us to be a part of this important ministry in our community.

*** NLCS Basketball ***

Thank you to everyone who came out this week to support the NLCS basketball teams. The girls will be playing the championship game this Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. at NYSSD in Rome.

*** New Email Address ***

If you have any messages or request to sent to the entire deacon or trustee board, you may now use the email: deacons@rnlcny.org or trustees@rnlcny.org

*** RNLC Prayer Chain/Opportunities: ***


*** Healing Room ***


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